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World Class Fishing On the Kenai Peninsula!

Sit back and imagine how this plays out… 5am your alarm clock goes off. You hop up out of bed, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee (or a Red Bull) and you’re out the door to meet your guide. On the short drive there, you banter back and forth about who’s going to catch the biggest, or maybe the most.. maybe you make bets on it. (My dad and I used to do $1 for first, $1 for biggest and $1 for most, of course I always won, but I would let him win once in a while.) You meet your guide at the boat ramp…. load your gear in our 20 foot Willie Boat and you’re off… the start of the Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip you’ve been waiting years for. Who’s going to get the first fish? What are we going to see? How many are we going to catch? The possibilities are endless, and every day is a new adventure!

This is what we live for, and this is why we do what we do. For us, Guiding is our life; we want to see our clients catch their first Salmon, see their first Bald Eagle, maybe float past a 1,000 pound Brown Bear, we want to share all of the things we love about this great place with you! The rest is up to you… give us a call at 907.971.0309 to get your trip booked!

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Rosy Rituals
Rosy Rituals
This was my first time in Alaska and fishing was the top adventure on my list. I booked a trip with RiverRise Fishing Guides and they made this a trip of a life time! I had the most amazing time, to say the least. They were extremely professional and definitely knew the best spots to get get us fish. Our guide was knowledgeable, funny and very personable. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to have a fun and unforgettable experience! 💚
Nicholas Bitonti
Nicholas Bitonti
I have fished with RiverRise for many years. Runs an excellent operation with top notch gear/experience! Always puts me and my buddies on fish. You will not be disappointed if you go on a trip regardless of target species!
Kaden C
Kaden C
If your lookin to catch fish this is the company to go to I recommend them to everybody. They know all the good spots and keep the fish coming.
Janelle Mullen
Janelle Mullen
We had an amazing time. These guys know the river well and found the perfect spots! We limited out, and had a great time! I would recommend RiverRise Fishing Guides to anyone looking for a fun fish catching adventure on the Kenai Peninsula!
Brian Ritchie
Brian Ritchie
I have lived in Alaska for 8 years, fished with numerous guides, and the crew from RiverRise are at the top of the list! They are experienced, knowledgeable and will put you on fish. We limited out even when other guides around weren't catching anything. Can't wait for next season!!!

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Fully Guided Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Whether you’re looking for a Kenai River Salmon Fishing Trip or Kasilof River Salmon Fishing Trip, we have fully guided fishing trips for everyone! Take a look around and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to help make your dream Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip come true!

  • Our King Salmon Season kicks off with our early run on May 16th and will last all the way until the end of July.

  • Our Sockeye Salmon Season kicks off with our early run on June 15th and can last all the way until the end of August.

  • Our Silver Salmon Season kicks off with our early run on August 1st and we will fish for them until September 15th.

  • We start targeting Trophy Rainbows around August 1st and will fish for them until September 15th.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips



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Alaska Salmon Fishing Reports & RiverRise News

Looking for a Kenai River Fishing Report, or maybe you’re fishing the Kasilof River and want to know how the run is doing? We also post updates on our Company and its growth & changes. Follow along and we will keep you up to date with the latest news!

  • Kenai King Salmon Closed, Kasilof Open

  • Can You Fish The Kenai River Without A Guide?

  • Why Hiring a Kasilof River Fishing Guide is Essential for Your Adventure

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Kenai River Fishing In July

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World Class Guided Fishing Trips!

Whether you’re looking for Half Day or Full Day, King Salmon or Sockeye Salmon, Morning or Afternoon… we have fully guided fishing trips for just about everyone! Our season begins May 16th and lasts all the way until September 15th. Each fish has its own “season” or run times, but there is generally great fishing all season long and we would love to share our part of Alaska with you!

If you’re looking for a quick rundown on when to book your trip, a simple guideline to follow goes like this:

  • From May 16th – July 31st; you’ll find the big and beautiful (and sometimes very elusive) King Salmon making their trip up river to the spawning grounds! A good Hatchery King Salmon will be in the 18-25 pound range, with several fish every year coming in around 35-40 pounds. Regardless, hook a King Salmon and you’ll be hooked for life!
  • Around the middle of June, Generally while targeting King Salmon, we catch our first chrome bright Sockeye Salmon and we will target them all the way until the end of July! When the Sockeye Salmon are in, THEY ARE IN, and they will provide non stop action all day!
  • Right after the Sockeye Salmon are most of the way up river, the aggressive Kenai Silver Salmon start showing up and take over! They’re big, they’re aggressive and they are delicious! If you’re looking for a fun Silver Salmon Fishing Trip, shoot for any time after August 1st.
  • If chasing what seems to be one of the millions of Salmon in the river isn’t your thing, we have BIG TROPHY RAINBOW TROUT in our Rivers! Kenai River Trout are WORLD FAMOUS, come see why! We chase these big guys, and girls, all the way until September 15th.